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5 Best Places to Visit in Alaska

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5 Must See Places in Alaska

Alaska has so much to offer in terms of activities and recreation. The state is enormous and offers a variety activities throughout the entire year. With such a huge area, you simply cannot cover the area in one or two trips. Luckily we have put a short list together of the top 5 Top places to visit in Alaska that you don’t want to miss out. Just remember that the time of year will dictate what types of fun you can have. So sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and read about some of the more popular places that you might want to check out someday.


If you didn’t know it, the capital of Alaska is Juneau and offers indoor activities for those of you who don’t want to brave the wilderness. There are tons of shops, museums breweries, and incredible views of the city. The Alaska State Museum used to be part of Russia and has several collections and exhibits dedicated to that and to the United States. Everything from Eskimos to early aviation can be viewed here.

Barnaby Brewery

Who doesn’t enjoy beer. Some of the more popular breweries include Alaskan Brewing, Devil’s Club Brewery Juneau, and Barnaby. Be sure and check times for tours and hours the pubs are open.

Kenai Fjords National Park

Visiting the largest state in the United States presents you with opportunity you cannot find anywhere else in the lower 48. You don’t want to miss the Kenai Fjords National Park. You can choose to visit the park on your own, but there are great guided tours that really make sure you don’t miss out on the big attractions. Viewing the whales and other marine life will leave you in utter awe. In addition, you don’t want the miss the natural glaciers in conjunction with the water and forest that surely will create an unforgettable experience.

Katmai National Park

Situated in the lower southwest portion of the state and near Kodiak Island, the landscape here boasts a combination of forests, lakes, mountains, and lots of wildlife. It’s also home to the Valley Ten Thousand Smokes. Following the eruption of the Novarupta Volcano in 1912, ash and pumice were launched into the atmosphere. Everything in its path was destroyed. This eruptions was more powerful that Mount Saint Helens. Today visitors can view bears who are drawn to salmon in the area.

See the Northern Lights

Alaska is one of the few places in the world where you can view the Northern Lights. Fairbanks provides a great opportunity to take advantage of this experience due to it’s location in the far north because it lies within the Aurora Oval. The best time for viewing is between late August all the way through mid April. The optimal viewing conditions must be both dark and exceptionally clear for the right experience. There are many options including guided tours with groups or just going on your own.

Glenn Highway

Go for a Drive

Want to go for something truly exceptional. How about jumping in a car and just hitting the road. It really seems as though Alaska goes on forever. There are many opportunities for truly exceptional scenic drives that take you near forests, glaciers, lakes, and mountains. Some of the more popular highways that can get you started include the Seward Highway that takes you near the coast or Glenn Highway that gets you up close and personal with glaciers.


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