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Alaska Paddle Board Adventures

alaskan paddle-board adventures

We are a small  company that wants to show you the ropes of the interior of Alaska with guided stand-up paddleboard trips.  Grab a board, start paddling and enjoy the scenery with trips available all summer.  If you are in the Fairbanks area looking for something fun to do, we’ve got it!

*Military and Student Discounts

Trips We Offer

Chena River to Tanana River

Cost: $49/day

Allow 3-4 hours

Start times: 10am and 4pm

Minimum age 14yrs

Starting at The Pump House  Restaurant, right off of Chena Pump Rd., we will head down river to meet the mighty Tanana.  As the rivers flow just South of Fairbanks, their calm waters and beautiful scenery just outside of town offer a perfect adventure on paddle-boards!  There will be time for 1-2 breaks and areas to swim as well.

What we provide:

-paddleboards, paddles, wetsuits, lifejackets, guide(s)

-transportation (will be available halfway with any snacks, drinks, cameras you would like to bring)

-guide(s) and instruction

Private Pond

Cost: $20/day

2 hours

Start times: 10am and 4pm

Minimum age 8yrs

Meet us out at our private pond, just south of Fairbanks and paddle on the spacious lake and warm water.  Nice beaches, plenty of parking and no boats offer the perfect morning or afternoon to take the boards out.

Alaska fun

What we provide:

paddleboards & paddles

-wetsuits and lifejackets

-guide and instruction

Midnight Sun Run

Cost: $29/day

Allow 2-3 hours

Start at 8pm

This is the best deal you can get and the closest to Fairbanks City Center.  We will put in on the Chena River right in the heart of downtown Fairbanks at Graehl Park and take out at the famous “Boatel” where you can enjoy a beverage on their sunny deck over-looking the Chena River!

We provide:



-guide & instruction

Moose Alaska


Come back next summer!

“Paddleboarding with Alaska Paddleboard Adventures at the private pond location was an amazing experience! Both Nick and Crystal are fun, helpful, and very good at teaching a first time paddleboarder how to develop proper technique. The pond is quite large, with plenty of room to play around, and the equipment is all brand new and easy to learn on. They have a selection of different sized boards, so when you get comfortable with the basics you can switch to a smaller board and test your skills. The water was refreshing and the pond was very fun to explore.”

                                                                                       -Adam Ferguson

Who We Are

We are a young couple with Alaska and California roots…

After several seasons raft guiding and rock climbing in California, Montana, Alaska and other parts of the world, we decided to share our knowledge and love of rivers with other fellow adventure-seekers.

We are prepared to show you a fun and safe paddle-board trip and ready to enjoy the summer with you in Fairbanks.

Join us on a guided stand-up paddle board trip down mighty Alaska rivers in the far North and see what the interior of Alaska is all about!


“What do you provide?”

Lifejackets, wetsuits, paddles, boards, guide(s) and transportation back to the launch site.

*If you are lodging within Fairbanks city limits we will be happy to pick you up before your trip and drop you off afterwards.

“What should I bring?”

A change of clothes

Tennis shoes (if you choose to wear shoes on the boards)

A hat and/or sunglasses


Waterproof camera with a leash or something to attach it to your lifejacket.

Bathing suit to wear underneath wetsuit (if you choose to wear a wetsuit)

No cotton! Cotton gets wet, it stays wet, and you get cold. Bring wool or fleece instead.

Big smiles!

“Where can I get some food around town or accommodations?”

There are many options for food around town after you’ve burned some of those vacation calories.  Visit to see what the town has to offer for restaurant options. For accommodations visit Rentkidz in Katy for your rental needs.

“Do I need to be an expert to do this?”

No way, there is something for everyone.  If you want to start small, come out to the Private Pond and get comfortable on flat water.  The boards are easier to balance on than you think and paddling is a fun, easy workout.  If you want to go for something a little more exciting, head to a river run and see what standing on moving water feels like.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call or write us an e-mail and we will be happy to answer any more questions you may have.